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PeakFast is the the premier fitness and sports training facility in Indiana. Whether you're a novice to fitness or an elite athlete, PeakFast will help you reach your goals.

Peakfast uses top-of-the-line equipment and cutting edge, proven exercise programs to help clients reach their goals.

Marla Peak, owner and manager of PeakFast, is an ISSA certified personal trainer with fitness training and sports specific training experience. Marla is passionate about personal training and will help you take your fitness training and sports performance to the next level. Marla has served as the strength and conditioning coach at elite sports camps and has worked with many division 1 college and elite high school athletes. She will utilize the newest plyometric, dynamic, and functional training techniques to help you reach Peak performance.

Dennis Peak, co-owner, brings over 20 years of experience as a health care instructor and high school coach to PeakFast's management team. He holds many health care certifications and brings proven, cutting edge, scientific approaches to health and fitness programs at PeakFast. Dennis is the varsity baseball coach at a nearby high school and will be leading the hitting and pitching instruction at PeakFast.

We are passionate about health and fitness and love to help people reach their fitness and sports training goals. We believe that it is very important to understand what the client's goals are. Some want to loose weight, some want to gain muscle mass, some want to improve athletic performance. Whatever the goal, Peakfast will help. Individuals executing specialized workout programs in a positive, upbeat environment utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and techniques are sure to reach their peak.

Nathan Peak is a certified personal trainer that studied exercise physiology at Concordia College. A three sport athlete in high school receiving All-State honors in baseball, Nathan continued his baseball career in college as a pitcher and catcher. He leads the pitcher and catching instruction at Peakfast and is also expert in providing speed and agility training for athletes in all sports. Nate believes that working hard to develop proper technique translates into improved confidence and performance on the field or court.

Anthony Peak is a certified personal trainer with youth sports and fitness experience. Also a three sport athlete in high school, Anthony twice received All-State honors in baseball and continued his baseball career in college. Following college, he served as Assistant Head Coach and hitting instructor at a nearby high school program. In addition to leading the hitting instruction at PeakFast, Anthony provides explosive speed, power and agility training to athletes both in camp settings and one-on-one.  He knows that enhanced speed, power and agility create improved performance, regardless the sport.


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